Recover From Your Stroke

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After you've experienced a stroke, getting your body to function like it used to might feel impossible. At Creel Physical Therapy we understand how frustrating and difficult recovering from a stroke can be. This is why we offer stroke rehabilitation services and balance therapy in Nacogdoches, TX. We'll communicate with your doctors and you to ensure you receive a plan of care that meets your needs.

Are you a geriatric patient who has gotten weaker suffering from balance problems or falls? Or maybe struggling with cancer-related fatigue? We can assist you with our specialized services and top-notch care.

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For stroke rehabilitation services and balance therapy, look to the staff at Creel Physical Therapy in Nacogdoches, TX. Our patients trust us because we...

  • Have 10 years of PT experience treating neuro-related (neuromuscular disorders/conditions) such as CVAs, Parkinson's disease & more
  • Treat all patients like our family
  • Create customized care plans
  • Communicate with your doctors

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